Update on current situation.
by geckohero17

I'm currently after a Yiynova MSP19U because it's a much cheaper alternative to a Cintiq (Which everyone wants) although it costs around £400, so I've got some saving to do. (At the moment I have around £100-£150, would really appreciate Donations C:)

So for the past year I've been practicing on my 3DS and on Paper doing drawings and design templates and I think the progress is going a lot better.

So from this:


To this:


(The one at the bottom right is my latest, although I've not uploaded the more finished version)

I kind of feel like if I had a bigger resolution to draw on, I'd do so much better than what I'm currently doing.

Because when it comes to other drawings that I'm doing on my 3DS, they usually come out like this:

(I should mention I've shrunk these pictures so they fit, but the resolution is still pretty small for what I'm drawing on)

When I get the scroll tablet I'm after, I'll be using or buying Manga Studio. Hopefully that will go well XD

What I'm now planning for Forever/Divided though is that I'll post up 50 pages, then if it gains some popularity (Like 100-200 subscribers) I'll make a new site for it (Hopefully with a forum)

If it continues to gain popularity, I'm hoping to make a animated series for it. I've always wanted to do Animating anyway.


So my current goals/objectives are:

Get a Scroll Tablet.

Get 100+ subscribers.

Make a new Website.

Make a animated series for Youtube.


Wish me luck!

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