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Name: Mathias

Race: Human
Age: 19

Gender: Male

Favourite Foods/Beverages: Tea (Still thinking on this one XD)

Personality: Mathias can be a little shy at times and easily embarrassed by lude or suggestive things, including physical contact. He sometimes acts as if he doesn't care, but truth is that he cares too much. He's very competetive, despite denying it constantly. He also hates being called a girl or short. Unfortunately, he does beat himself up too much and has a tendency to go into depression. When it comes to determination, almost nothing will stop him. He also has a tendency to put his hands in his pockets and cover his face with his scarf when he's embarrassed.



(Again, outdated image. But it's the most accurate)

Name: Athena

Race: Celestial

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Favourite Foods/Beverages: Anything generally sweet

Personality: Athena is Fiery and very outgoing, she also likes to embarrasse Mathias any chance she can get. She can also get fixated a lot on the smaller things. She usually has a very good point of view and is very street smart. She's also a bit of a romantic.

(I need to read a book about personality because I haven't got one)

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